Dr. Moore's Technique

Dr. Moore prefers the no-scalpel vasectomy technique.  The scrotal skin is cleansed with an iodine solution (please notify us if you have ever had a reaction to iodine or shellfish).  The vas deferens is manually grasped and the overlying skin is infiltrated with a local anesthetic.  A pointy hemostat is used to make a small puncture in the skin which is then spread to expose the vas deferens.  Using a series of clamps, the vas deferens is separated from the surrounding tissue.  A small segment of the vas deferens is removed and the two ends are tied with an absorbable suture and cauterized.  The two ends are placed out of alignment and buried in the tissue sleave.  Both sides are done through this tiny hole.  No scalpels are used and no sutures with needles are used.  The small puncture hole in the skin is sealed with a space-age glue. 

Because there are no scalpels or needles used, there is less trauma to the tissue, and less bleeding than during a conventional vasectomy.

Because there is no incision, post-operative wound checks are not necessary!